Emergency Assistance Eligibility

The information you provide will help us determine your eligibility.  If you are found ineligible our team can work with you to identify other resources and options that may be of help.

Please review the requirements below before you proceed to the emergency assistance application.

Are you a resident of Fayette County?

Yes       No


The Fayette Cares service area is limited to Fayette County, Tennessee.

Have you experienced an unexpected loss of income?

Yes       No


Examples of temporary, unavoidable losses of income include lay-off, off work (illness) without pay, reduction in salary rate or work hours.

Did that loss of income happen in the past 90 days?

Yes       No


Your loss or crisis should have occurred recently and your household cannot have received Fayette Cares financial assistance within the last two years or food assistance more than four times in one year.

Can your emergency or loss of income be documented?

Yes       No


Important documentation may include a separation notice, paid doctor or repair bills, fire or crime report, etc.

If you answered "yes" to all four questions, you should proceed to the emergency assistance application by clicking here.

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