A Message from Board Member, Shannon Kee

Being a part of Fayette Cares became important to me when we moved our business and residence to Fayette County and immediately witnessed the impact the organization brings to fighting homelessness, domestic violence, and financial crisis in this community. I was inspired to support these efforts both personally and through my local business because Fayette […]


Are You a VIP?

Special Perks for Special Supporters  It’s true, we think every donor, volunteer, and event guest is a VIP.  That’s why we want to give our supporters special perks, the inside scoop, and exclusive offers with our VIP Text program. Interested in serving the community by helping the homeless? Maybe you want to join our team […]


Match That!

Savings Program Creates Financial Stability for Victims Victims trapped in abusive relationships feel powerless under the control of a partner who not only hurts them physically and emotionally but also ruins their credit, restricts access to money, prevents them from having a job, or tightly monitors their spending.  If you can only think about getting […]

Sam and Cindy 108 Johnson

There’s No Place Like Hope

Strengthening Families and Communities with Stable Housing Palladium Properties, LLC owners Sam and Cindy Marsh proudly pose in front of a newly rehabbed house.  Once an eye-sore in a blighted community, the husband and wife team gutted the structure and transformed it into more than just a home, into the foundation for a better future. […]


The Road to Caring

Replacing Roadblocks with Opportunities Without transportation struggling families have very limited options and opportunities. In our community you can’t just hop a bus or call an Uber to get to work, school, the grocery store, or Dr.’s office. If you’re lucky you have a friend or relative with a reliable car who might take you where […]


Survivor Volunteers to Break the Cycle

Click here to view this article in 2019 Summer Newsletter At the crime scene a Somerville Police Officer passes his phone to a frightened woman.  He has just completed a domestic violence Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) screen and the victim flags as “high-danger”. After expressing great concern for her safety she agrees to talk to a […]

2019 LAP Training Fayette Co. Sheriff Dept. jpg

Fayette Co. Sheriff’s Department Partners to Protect

Fayette Cares enhanced partnerships with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department by taking steps to implement the Lethality Assessment Program (LAP).  The Fayette County Sheriff’s Department hosted a LAP Train-the-Trainer co-facilitated by Fayette Cares LAP Coordinator Amy Johnson and Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy Instructor Teddy Murphy. Deputies partner with Fayette Cares to predict and prevent domestic violence, helping high-danger victims get lifesaving services, and working with judges and prosecutors to keep abusers off the streets.