Thrift Shops Reopen

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our thrift shops and donation center re-openings! We love seeing customers safely find great bargains and donors (with quarantine cleaning overload) bringing gently loved gifts.


Empty Cupboards Filled With Caring

With many working fewer hours, laid off, and losing jobs, the struggle to put food on the table brought dozens of families to our doors. At the onset of the pandemic requests for Fayette Cares emergency food services increased by 143% compared to the previous year. And for many it would be their first time in this situation.


Game Changing Tournament

Like so many, Jim and Dana were not prepared for their lives to be turned upside down by the pandemic. Now they worry about paying the utilities, the mortgage, and buying groceries. How will they feed the kids? Where will they go if they’re evicted?


A Legacy of Caring

This year Fayette Cares suffered a deep loss, the passing of our founder Sister Mairead O’Reardon. She was a much-beloved woman of faith whose passionate belief in Social Justice and respect for all was inspiring.


Safer At Home? The Second Pandemic

Fayette Cares has experienced a sharp increase in domestic violence calls. Some have termed this “the second pandemic” with abusers using COVID-19 to keep survivors from leaving.

He was so moved that he pledged to pay back the kindness.  With no money to donate we wasn’t sure how he could help the caring folks who had helped him.