Homeless Veteran Finds Hope

Bob, an Army Veteran, first came to Fayette Cares because he was out of work and couldn’t pay his electric bill.  But because of caring donors like you, he found the help he needed to get back on track. 

He was so moved that he pledged to pay back the kindness.  With no money to donate we wasn’t sure how he could help the caring folks who had helped him.  


Absolutely Moving

“I knew this is what God wanted me to do” says Absolute Moving Service owner Phil McLendon who provides free moving services to help Fayette Cares relocate victims of domestic violence.  


The Road to Caring

Replacing Roadblocks with Opportunities Without transportation struggling families have very limited options and opportunities. In our community you can’t just hop a bus or call an Uber to get to work, school, the grocery store, or Dr.’s office. If you’re lucky you have a friend or relative with a reliable car who might take you where […]


Survivor Volunteers to Break the Cycle

Click here to view this article in 2019 Summer Newsletter At the crime scene a Somerville Police Officer passes his phone to a frightened woman.  He has just completed a domestic violence Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) screen and the victim flags as “high-danger”. After expressing great concern for her safety she agrees to talk to a […]

Survivor of Abuse Encourages a Legacy of Caring

“He ripped my hair out from the roots … he would spit in my face,” says a Fayette Cares client and survivor of domestic violence.  “I dreamed of being a nurse but he would tear up my scrubs and wouldn’t watch the kids so I couldn’t go to school.”  The survivor describes the controlling behaviors […]